Welcome to Badjate & Associates

Badjate Associates is a premier brokerage house in Pune and near. In the last one-decade, we have emerged as a powerhouse in the financial services industry. We started functioning in the stock market in 1964 as Sanjay and Company in Nagpur. Over the years, we grew from strength to strength to become a major player in India’s broking services sector. In March 1992 we expanded in Pune as Badjate and Associates.

Today Badjate Associates is one of the foremost brokerage houses, being a member of various exchanges in the capital and commodity markets. Badjate Associates is a premier member of Bonanza Online.

Badjate Associates constantly infuses quality into service. We provide our clients full expertise to play in the market with confidence. They avail full-fledged trading facilities and services through our nation-wide offices in securities and in commodities. To help our clients better, we have located our offices in major towns and placed highly qualified and experienced financial experts to man them. A team of dynamic finance professionals with decades of experience leads them. These professionals share a common vision not only to transform the company into a highly professional organization, but also make their clients earn the maximum from their hard-earned money.